Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dalhart Animal Wellness Group and Sanctuary (D.A.W.G.S)

A group of elementary students (plus their teacher and her husband and daughter) run this "no kill" shelter. They started out with a handful of unwanted dogs and have now sheltered/adopted out thousands.
The land D.A.W.G.S currently uses was donated to them, but the town of Dalhart, Texas is evicting them in a few short months due to the noise level (only yards away from a cemetery).
These selfless children have poured their lives into saving animals that adults have thrown away. Studies prove kids + caring for (and loving) animals= increased responsibility and decreased delinquency. Won't you help? You can also read about this organization in Best Friends. I've also linked D.A.W.G.S on our sidebar.


Anonymous Lance said...

Hi, whew! It has been hard to find a way to contact anyone about the shelter. The lines are clogged for the shelter, so I thought I would try this.
Anyway, can you guys ask the people at the shelter if they have thought about making a NOISE BRAKE that can be placed around the shelter? It could be made out of common and simple materials. And, relatively inexpensive too. They may have already thought of it, but because of the animals one has to try. If this ends up helping let me know the details at:

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