Sunday, January 08, 2006


So Jacob and I just made brownies. Well, Jacob made the suggestion. Just as I finished putting the pan in the oven he conveniently reappeared. "Now you help after I make the brownies."

He got the look on his face...he knows he's busted, but is trying to cover it up with a "shocked" look. He looked around and said, "You didn't make brownies. They're still in the oven." :D

I'm sharing the brownie story because every time I make brownies I think of Melinda. I was a brand new nurse at my first nursing job ever. One of the first things I remember skinny little Melinda say to me is, "Everyone has the ingredients at home to make brownies at any time."
I didn't. And I didn't today. I used a box. And I'm lucky we even had the two eggs required to mix in it.

But every time I make brownies...from scratch or a box...I always think of my Melinda. I've never shared that with her. But, I think it's time I should.

Melinda's the toy inside your favorite box of sugary cereal. No! She's not cheap and dispensable. (Some might argue the "cheap" part...just kidding. Big hugs!) She's a bonus. The friend that's above and beyond what you need or expect. The one that sticks around when everything gets all messed up and yucky. She's the toy.


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