Monday, February 06, 2006

Love Is In The Air

Today is filled with love. First Melinda and Brian then Matt and Kelly and now my very own Jacob. He has a girlfriend. Alaysia. All I know about her is she's new to the school, wears pink chucks and has braces that make her lips stick out "like she's going to kiss you". I picture this and it frightens me! I don't know what her intentions are with my son, but I need to talk with the girl.

Apparently she broke up with Josh, Jacob's buddy, today in a note that my son passed to him during class. I hear she wanted to got out with Jacob, Josh's twin brother, but my Jacob, smooth as he is, told her that if she married the other Jacob then Josh would still be in the family. She agreed and decided it all the wiser to go out with their best friend. (That frightens me also!)

That's a lot of drama for 4th grade. But can I say...I hope Jacob continues to be this open and honest with me as he gets older. I'm tickled pink that he volunteered all this information. Maybe I shouldn't tell him I blogged about it, ya think? :P

My first big crush was in the 4th grade. I was in love with Chris Ray. In love. I loved him all the way through 6th 7th grade I moved on to many crushes, but Chris is the one I loved most. I've shared that with Jacob, and we will joke about it every now and then. Especially when I saw the picture of him (and fiance) in the wedding section of the paper. That was a sad day. :p

Remember your first crush?


Blogger Kim said...

Ahhh, young love!

I still remember my first crush...I was in grade 1 and his name was Randy...sometimes I wonder what ever happened to him...

You're lucky that your son is so least for now!

10:45 AM  
Blogger Uisce said...

Her name was Wendy. She was the most perfect human being ever created. Her family moved away between first and second grade and I never saw her again. We would have made beautiful babies, she and I.

4:07 PM  
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