Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Funny

Thursday, April 27, 2006

No T13 again today. I am slowly trying to get back to blogging. I've been giving myself a few hours to read/comment/post. And I am enjoying it. But I need more time to just take it easy. Tonight I over did it and took advantage of the weather. I went for a walk that was a little too long. I visited with my parents for a little too long. I washed dishes (they always last WAY TOO LONG).
My head still hurts. The nerves are really fighting back. I have my usual "8" headache. On top of that my head continues to feel raw like someone has poured boiling water on it. The left side of my head stings constantly and feels a little worse than the right side. The top, sides and crown of my head pulls and stings everytime I open or close my eyes more than a simple blink. The sides and back of my head pulls and stings when I open my mouth. And it's all over if I bend or turn my head. I still can't put pressure on my head at all... EXCEPT for the small spot that's NUMB around my right incision. It's looking like that's the only spot that's obeying and surrendering to the cut nerve. But at least it's something.
My incisions are healing. The glue is starting to fall off. Last night I was pulling a piece out that was stuck to my hair. Then I felt the trickle down my neck. Yeah. I pulled the glue off part of the incision that wasn't healed and opened it. I had to call my daddy to come over because I couldn't see the incision. And it was obvious I couldn't feel anything there. Yeah. I'm a good nurse :)

My friend Mia's brother has designed a new card game called Parlay. It is receiving great reviews. It's either Hasbro or Mattel that's looking to sign the game. Which I think's pretty cool no matter which one it is. So go check it out. Oh. And there's a little "Buy Parlay" button at the bottom ;)
(Hi Mia! Love ya!)

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Snickers had surgery Monday. We were finally able to pick her up last night. Jacob and I missed her so much. (I missed her just a tad more. Well, just because she's with me 24/7.) I was so sad for her being locked up in a cage all night not knowing what's going on... Not knowing why she's by herself, why she's got a lampshade around her neck, why her butt hurts, why she can't keep her eyes open, why that Rotweiler's wearin' a tutu. You know. Things like that made me sad for her.

The surgery... she had to have her anal glands removed. Yeah. Apparently they can live without 'em. (That's a question I have when I get to heaven... if we can live without an organ why do we have them? Like men and their brains or in other cases their heart. AND... why can't I just have something wrong with an organ THAT CAN BE REMOVED? I think God will see the humor. Don't you? :p)

So her anal glands weren't emptying like they were supposed to. Instead they kept filling up to the point she couldn't poo for weeks at a time. And the pain was so bad she had to scoot around on her butt. It was awful! She'd scoot and cry and move her head from side to side biting the air. Awful! But mildly entertaining for a girl who never leaves her house ;) She had to have the anal sacks expressed every few weeks. Yeah. She USED to LOVE the vet. Now she just likes to poop in the front yard. Take that lubed glove man!

My daddy drove us over to the vet's office to pick her up. All three of us were on the edge of our seats waiting to see Snick. Amazing how one little animal can touch a heart and change a life! The vet called us back and explained everything (even the $222 shoulder x-rays they had to do because she's walking funny on her front right leg). He told us what a wonderful dog we have and how they all enjoyed having her (Yeah I know. Give 'er back! And can you knock a few $500 off the bill?). Then he hollers for the girl to "Bring me the anal glands we saved for Snickers' mom!" Yeah. He saved them. And showed them to me like I was interested. Turns out...I was.

We looked at the glands for more time than I care to mention. Those suckers were huge! Grossly huge. Then we walked out to pay. The bill was grossly huge as well. $909.64!!!!!! Yeah. I would get the dog with poop problems (Crohns and IBS run in the family) and brain problems (we believe her right leg is nerve related. Could be related to her seizure disorder.) This dog fits right in. I wonder if I could get her covered under my Medicare disability insurance plan. Hmm..

Anyway... She's fine. She's wearing the Elizabethan collar. And crashing into everything because she's not smart enough to remember she has a lampshade on her head. I'm so glad she's home ;)

(Yeah. I hate my kitchen wallpaper.)

(Her food gets pushed back behind the lampshade, and she can't get it. Yeah.
We've had a lot of laughs over this. Poor doggie!)

(I think she's telling me off!)

I don't know why I feel the need to show you after surgery pictures. But here's her naked monkey butt. ON.MY.NEW.COUCH!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Draw a house and discover what your drawing says about you. Add your house to my street...there's plenty of room. Come back and visit the houses on Laugh Loud Street.

Here's what my house says about me...

Your house tells the world that you ought to be a leader.
You are a freedom lover and a strong person. You are shy and reserved. (huh?)

If you've drawn a cross on each of windows (and I did), you always want to live alone (so true! want a husband, but he'll have to live in his own home. I am sole owner of the remote and will not let go of that control!) .
You are very tidy person. There's nothing wrong with that because you're pretty popular among friends.
Your life is always full of changes.
Once you have a problem, you need a friend with you. Your life is always full of changes.
You will avoid being alone and seek the company of others whenever possible.
You love excitement and create it wherever you go.
You see the world as it is, not as you believe it should be.

You added a flower into your drawing. The flower signifies that you long for love.
It also safe to say that others don't see you as a flirt.
You are self-confident and happy with your life. :D

**Thought I'd give you something to do while I sit back and watch. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers and words of encouragement. The pain is still intense. This weekend wasn't fun. The nerve and its branches are still fighting back. Constant pain/burning/stinging in my head. Still can't touch my hair or put any pressure on the back of my head/neck. I CAN feel some numbness around the top part of my right incision. So... I'm leaving you with that bit of good news. Enjoy ;)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I really wanted to do Thursday 13 this week. I had one all ready. But I am really hurting. The pain is getting worse and spreading down my neck. I trust that it will get better. And I have to take care of myself. As much as I want to get back in the blogosphere (I do. I really miss you guys!) I need to rest and not bring on any more pain. I'm at my limit.
Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement. And thank you for your concern for Jacob! I am so blessed to have him!!!!! Remind me of that when the time arises ;)

(Visit and Thursday

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

From Me!

I'm still waiting for the nurse to call me back. I called yesterday morning to tell the doctor about my new symptoms. He was in surgery all day. The nurse said she'd get back with me today. Still nothing. She did leave me with, "Boiling water. That can't be a good feeling. Didn't he prescribe pain pills?" Uh, yeah. A fourth of what I normally take on a daily basis. And yesterday I took way more than usual... nothing. How can pain pills put out boiling water? And you're right. It's not a good feeling. Duh!

One blessing. God has always put me to sleep. Not for good. But when the pain is so intolerable he's always allowed me to sleep. Even for short periods of time. I can feel the pain in my sleep even before I open my eyes, but I'm always thankful for those few minutes of sleep. I know some of you might think it's the drugs. But no. Way before the pain pills. He's always put me to sleep.

Yesterday was my first day on the computer. Well, Friday I made a post, but it was mostly all ready to publish. I just added a few sentences. Last night I finally emailed my family/friends for the first time since surgery. I felt bad about the week they spent without a word. But. I was too busy thinking about myself. And I don't allow that to happen often. I get too emotional.

So... I spent some time visiting you all. You didn't see me. I was lurking about.
I realized just how long 7+ days can be. Whew. Many of you have been playing tag. I love reading those. A few bloggers have called it quits. That makes me sad. But I was glad to catch up on most of you.

I was able to catch up on all the celebs over at Vi's. I believe Katie Holmes is WAY worse off than I! I need to slip that girl some of my pills. ;)

I love the new design Kelly made for FrogLegs. It reminds me of mine... and I just love it! ;)

Emily the peanut made me smile so big last night. You have to read this! Really! :p

I'd love to give a big shout out to all of you for your wonderful comments and many well wishes. You don't know how much your kindness means to me. Honestly! I can't thank you enough! I love that several of you went to Brandi's blog begging for updates. You're just precious!

Thank you Brandi for posting updates for me. I know you had a lot on your plate after being sick and missing work and the nasty tornadoes. Thank you for your help... and I'm so glad you're okay!

Oh! I sent Brandi and email last night thanking her for the kind words she said about me in her last update. I told her she forgot "beautiful and loud". She said, "Well, i was going to put on there since we are sisters, I can say these nice things, but decided to leave that off....HA!" Ha! If you only knew how true that was!

Here's a picture of my head/neck. There are two incisions. The one in the middle is a scar from my Chiari Decompression. The two incisions are 3.5-4+" long vertically. They are an inch thick. They look yucky because the wounds are glued shut. And with the glue lies dried blood and betadine so don't be freaked out by the looks of it. There are no signs of infection. Thank God! I'm going to try to get a better picture. Really so I can see what it looks like. The one on the right goes up more into my hairline, but I couldn't raise my arms any higher to hold back my hair. The good thing is that my hair does come down and cover the incisions. So that's good. Jacob doesn't have to look them. (And he is doing well. He is such a wonderful boy! He's absolutely amazing!) So here it is.

I've got to stop. I've been on here way too long and my body's not happy. I just have so much I want to share. I'll have to do it another time. Thanks for everything!

The nurse just called back. The surgeon said this is exactly what I should expect. (Of course, he told my sister that the first few days would be rough, but by the end of the week we'd be out shopping. HA!) So, I guess I was right. (Why does that surprise me :p) The nerve (and the branches) are dying off. They must not be happy. I can't touch my head. My hair hurts. Just walking hurts. I have to talk myself into scratching my head it hurts so bad. And that's no fun with two healing wounds. Blech! Hopefully I'll have better news soon. At least what I'm experiencing is "a good thing". (Bet he wouldn't be saying that if it was his head!)

Monday, April 17, 2006


So I talked to Kimmy today...I don't live in the same state as her so I have to get information through the grapevine but today's news comes straight from the source.

She's not doing so great. She says her scalp & hair feels like someone is pouring boiling hot water on it. I'm hoping this is a sign that the nerves are dying and that this will be her last pain in this area but for now, it's not good. She is having trouble sleeping as usual also but is in good spirits regardless! She's amazingly in good spirits.

I must tell you that Kimmy is one of the strongest, most thoughtful, dependable, optimistic, honest, funny and just plain wonderful people I know. She's a survivor and I have full faith that she will endure & recover with grace.

So thanks as always for your prayers & thoughts...I know it means a lot to have so much support from people she doesn't even "know"!
Keep them coming and pray for God's healing very soon!


Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Funny... Recuperating Style

(I had this ready before surgery. Still not feeling well, but wanted to say thanks to all of you!!!!! You guys are awesome! Brandi... a great big hug and thanks! Hope I'm back to blogging soon... but until then Brandi will (hopefully) keep you updated.)

This is for all my blogging buddies!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Update time...

My small update for now is that Bryant (Kimmy's wonderful Daddy) reported that Kimmy told him she was feeling better today than yesterday and was laughing about Snickers when he picked up Jacob for school this morning.

Thankfully, Kimmy's sister Krissy is staying with her this week to help out and she's been getting Kimmy to go outside some to be in this beautiful weather we've been having if she's up to it.

Hopefully Kimmy will be back soon to update you herself! Jacob & the rest of her family are doing well also!

Keep those prayers coming!


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More Kimmy Updates!

This just in:
Bev (Kim's momma) said Kimmy slept 4 hours straight last night which is a record!!!! She feels better today than yesterday but is still hurting.

Thanks for your prayers & well-wishes!


Kimmy Update Wednesday

Hello friends of Snickerdoodles! I wanted to update something on here for the MANY people concerned with Kimmy's status after surgery on Monday. I don't have much information yet today, but do know that the surgery went well and Kimmy was able to come home Monday night. I know she had a rough night Monday and that's all I've heard. Sorry, not much.

I will post a real update:) as soon as I get the information!
Thank you for your continued prayers and support! Keep sending your well wishes!


Monday, April 10, 2006

The past few Monday Memories have been leading up to this. I've talked about numerous operations I've had due to my diseases/illnesses and my symptoms.

Today I am having Bilateral Greater Occipital Neurectomy. Basically the surgeon is going to cut both sides of the nerve that runs from the spinal column to the brain in hopes of relieving some of the pain I endure on a daily basis. There is a 70% chance this operation will work, but if it is not successful I can then have stimulators put on the nerve. (The reason I didn't opt for the stimulators first is because it requires additional operations to change the batteries. And. I'm so over having surgery. after. surgery.)

I ask for your prayers. That this operation will help me, and my quality of life will improve. I just want to play pitch and catch with Jacob. Or toss around a football in the backyard. I want to spend all day playing with him. Whatever he wants. Even if it's just a simple game of Rummy. I want to go to his baseball games and not hurt for days afterward. I want to live. Without pain.

Pray for my family and my Jacob. Pray for the surgeon and the nurses. Pray that the anesthesiologist is able to mix the right medications so I don't get sick. And don't forget to thank God for His goodness and mercy.

A friend is going to update you on my condition. She's been sick... but hopefully she will be feeling better and can keep you informed. And I'm hoping I'll be feeling well enough to do so on my own! Until then...

God's Wonderful Grace

Just as sure as the stars in Heaven
Shine forth in the darkness of night,
We can rely on the love of God
To carry us through our plight.

Just as sure as the sun each morning
Gives of its light through the day
We can know that we have God's presence
No matter what comes our way.

We may not have all the answers
To the many trials we face,
But on one thing we can always rely-
We are kept by God's wonderful grace.

Olive B. Elvin

Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Funny

I haven't blogged much this week. Because of that I wanted to blog a true Friday Funny ;)

The other day out of the blue Jacob asked me a very serious question.

"Mom, when guys fight is it called a 'dog fight'?"

Ha! A very serious question indeed ;)

Last night I was sitting on Jacob's bed talking to him before he went to sleep. I told him he did a great job cleaning out his bookcase getting rid of his "little kid books" to make room for more grown up books. (Note... I have a large Rubbermaid container full of books I used to read to him or he used to read to me. I am keeping them. Yeah. I'm a packrat! But they're memories!)

I look around his room and noticed a pair of glasses in front of his tv. "Jacob, are those your old glasses?"

"Yeah. I put them on and they made me dizzy."

"Why don't you throw them away?"

"I'm gonna save them for my kids (He gets it honest!) so I can save some money."

I busted out laughing. "So I can save some money. Jacob, that's hilarious!"

"You never thought of that?"

Ha! I love that kid!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thirteen pictures I received in an email.
Yeah. Taking it easy this time around.
Enjoy a read free T13 ;)

Two extra. Because they are egg-straordinary ;)

Not feeling well... will try to get around to read yours later.
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Late Monday Memory

Did I ever tell you about my surgeries?
I'm only counting the major operations. Not the surgeries to remove cysts or my gallbladder.
Or my c-section (general anesthesia... not the local "luxury"), etc.

(Continued from here and here.)

LP shunts x 9
**Due to Pseudotumor Cerebri
Diagnosed fall 1989. (More info here)

The first set of shunts were placed (and revised) every 6 months from October 1989-1991. The shunts failed due to scar tissue or other foreign material clogging the tubing so they had to be re-placed or revised.

The second set of shunts were placed (and revised) from May to November 1999.

I have pieces of tubing still floating in my CSF because the shunt from 1990 disintegrated. When the surgeon (another one I fired, but not because of this) tried to remove the tubing it broke apart and shot up my spinal column. She wasn't able to get all of it out. I blame that on my brain farts ;)

The surgeon... the same from above (This is one of the reasons I fired her.) drained the excess CSF fluid to within normal limits. How nice. Right? No! She drained the fluid and then put in a functioning shunt. The shunts job is to drain excess fluid. So... the shunt did it's job. After surgery I couldn't move. The CSF fluid was completely drained. I felt like someone was vacuuming my brain right out of my head. The pain is indescribable.

The surgeon ordered me to get up and walk 30 minutes every hour. I had to have one person on each side of me just to stand up. My body kept curling up into the fetal position. And I had no control.

Once home my family friend (and doctor) ordered COMPLETE bed rest. No getting out of bed. No walking. No sitting up. No using a pillow. FLAT as a board. For two weeks. I was receiving IV fluids at home and had to take salt tablets every few hours to get my body to make more CSF. The good thing... I was encouraged to eat a lot of KFC's mashed potatoes and gravy. Like I told you before. Liquid sodium. My favorite ;)

Jaw Surgery
**Due to Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)
After still having headaches with a functioning LP Shunt... I was diagnosed with TMJ. I thought everyone suffered from ear and jaw pain, cracking and popping and lock jaw. I was diagnosed in 1991. Imagine my surprise when I found out there was another reason for the headaches... and the problem could be solved!

I went through a splint, braces, occupational therapy and speech therapy (to re-learn how to swallow and hold my tongue while at rest). Didn't work. But I did learn how all y'all swallow ;)

The surgery was December 1993. My senior year of high school. Just days before Christmas. Yeah. This is what I used to eat my Christmas dinner.

The surgeon dislocated my jaws, added pins and screws and other metals, attached cow bone to the top front since I had an open bite. He also had to cut a large "V" shape out of my tongue to make it smaller. My tongue's to blame for the open bite. So. My jaws were wired shut and my tongue was swollen 4 times its size. I went to pediatric ICU after this surgery. I vomited violently for hours. I remember lying flat on my back and vomiting. With my mouth wired shut. The nurses were assisting a patient next to me. They kept telling me to hold on. I couldn't roll over, and I started choking. I kicked the bed and hit the siderails until a nurse came over. Finally, she decided she'd get a lot more work done that evening if she just left the suction catheter!

Months later I noticed the surgery worked. A functioning shunt and jaw surgery. Talk about one happy heifer. Get it. Cow bone. Okay. So I have brain problems ;) But then... in 1998 I was at work. A 70 pound 80 year old man with Alzheimers punched me in my right jaw. Yeah. 70 pounds. He cracked my right jaw. I now have arthritis in both jaws. The surgery... the pain and suffering... the thousands of dollars in medical bills... the months on a liquid diet... the symptom free years... All washed away with one punch. By a 70 pound 80 year old. But let's keep that part between you and me!

Tarsal Tunnel Surgery

**Due to Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and Peripheral Neuropathy
We believe my Tarsal Tunnel and Peripheral Neuropathy is due to my Pseudotumor Cerebri. The pressure on that part of the brain and/or nerves.

January 1999 I started having severe pain in my right foot. Just a few days later I couldn't walk and my entire leg was on fire. Finally after three months the doctor operated on my right foot. One month later I returned to work after being off since January. One week later I handed a patient some pain medicine (ironically) for her neck. One minute later I was in excruciating pain. I fell over and grabbed my head and neck. A friend and co-worker ran over to take my blood pressure. 252/200. They rushed me to the emergency room. One week later I had the first of the second wave of LP Shunts.

(programmable) VP shunt x 6
from January 2001- June 2002

**Due to Pseudotumor Cerebri

Years of LP shunts "sucking" and draining CSF fluid resulted in my brain stem being pulled down further and further into my spinal column. Eventually the brain stem completely blocked my spinal column, but the LP shunts were still suck, suck, sucking away. This is how I developed Arnold Chiari. The brain stem was like a plug in the bathtub, but a force continued to pull at the plug attempting to drain the water. Yeah. Ouch.

Because of the Arnold Chiari my new surgeon needed to place the shunt in my ventricles. (My most trusted brain surgeon.
Dr. Luciano at Cleveland Clinic. The one and only to operate on my brain.)

Another problem. I told you I wasn't easy! Years of high CSF pressure had almost completely flattened my ventricles. The ventricles were (are) so small he couldn't perform the surgery by hand and had to depend on the use of a computer. I considered that a blessing. Can't beat the best brain surgeon AND a computer ;)

None of these operations lasted less than 6 hours. The surgery. Not prep time and recovery. Six hours from the time he started to the time he stopped. In a "normal" Pseudotumor cerebri patient with "normal" ventricles the procedure would have lasted an hour and 15 minutes. From the time the patient was wheeled in to the time the patient was wheeled out. Yeah.

My second VP (placed five months later) became infected. I had a PICC line inserted, and I started a 31 day antibiotic regimen of Vancomycin. (And with that I suffered from "red man syndrome". My arms, face and chest turned red and hot followed by rash and itching. This occurred every time I administered the medicine. The medicine also burned the vein and caused pain to my arm. I couldn't wait to have it removed.
I was with my grandma the day the nurse called and told me the PICC could be removed. It bothered me so bad I showed my grandma what to do and what to expect. I remember her shaking and stopping every so often to pray. I mean. She was pulling 24" of tubing out of the vein in her granddaughters arm. Bless her heart!

The picture above is how the vp shunt is programmed. The difference... mine is located the top right of my head instead of behind my ear.
Learn more about the programmable shunt here and here... if you have nothing better to do ;)

Chiari Decompression
**Due to Arnold Chiari Malformation

September 2002. My last operation.
The surgery lasted more than 8 hours. Dr. Luciano said it was worse than the MRI and CT scans showed. And also the worse case he had ever seen. He had to shave more than usual off the base of my skull and had to remove 2 vertebrae. I remember him checking on me three times in the recovery room. HE checked. THREE times. Talk about being scared. Never once after the previous six operations had he ever checked on me in the recovery room. EVER. So when I woke up to him at the foot of my bed in recovery talking to the nurse and his resident... I freaked out. You can imagine the fear after seeing him for the third time!

The decompression was the worst surgery I had. I couldn't open my mouth to talk. I couldn't even feed myself. Jacob fed me. He was 6 years old at the time. I took him out of school to be with my parents. I was in a hospital 6.5 hours away from home. I wanted him to be with my parents if anything was to happen. I was very nervous about the operation. I had a feeling I wasn't going to make it. The weirdest feeling and strongest feeling I've ever had.

It was pretty bad. The pain and severe muscle spasms lasted for months. I couldn't move my neck. I had to use my body to turn. I had to hold onto my head if I was in the car. Any little bump caused horrific pain. I couldn't even stand for air to blow on my neck. I wore a scarf well into the summer. People must have thought I was crazy the way they looked at me with my scarf around my neck and shorts on.

Almost a year later the pain and spasms let up. I was able to move my neck a little, but to this day I can't move it very far. I still have to hold onto my head when I'm in a car. And when I have to cough or sneeze. It's over!

To our surprise the decompression didn't help. More LP and VP shunts are out of the question... and pretty pointless. The last time I saw Dr. Luciano he told me he had one more operation (Did that make you jump? That's how I felt when he told me.) we could consider. He would remove a large part of the skull. I immediately said no. He pretty much agreed and said, "I'm a surgeon. That's my answer to everything." I still appreciate his honesty.

**Not only were my operations major... so were the recoveries. I vomited after every.single.operation. Violently. For hours. Sometimes days. Yeah. I thought vomiting through a mouth wired shut was bad. Nope. Didn't even compare to vomiting with incisions to my head, neck, abdomen, side and back.

By God's goodness and grace I am still here. I am here to witness to others and testify to His goodness. And I'm able to hug and kiss my Jacob every day.

[Forgive the errors. I'm not feeling well and this took a lot out of me. I know it was lengthy, but I hope you learned a thing or 50 about me ;)]

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Monday, April 03, 2006


I'll be posting my Monday Memory late today. Sorry!

We've had some bad weather. Not only does that mean the computer was in lock down mode, but it also makes me feel like curling up in a corner. Soooo.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

As you know, Cheerios on my butt infected me with The Indie Virus.

Then I infected Chana with The Indie Virus yesterday. She wanted a second opinion... you know you can't trust everything you read on the internet. So, save your money and take advantage of free medical advice. "Went to the doct's immediately after reading this (walk in clinic) and he tells me there is only one cure to pass it on- I have no choice then ;)"

I'm following the friendly doctor's advice. Today I am infecting ...Jus Me with The Indie Virus.

I'm not washing my hands at all today. I can't wait to infect the next person. I hope it's you! ;)

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

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